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Universal Fighting Engine

2015-04-06 16:28:46 by mistermind

Interested in making a fighting game? Visit my website:

Hello there folks! After the release of Ederon: Time Warp we've been working for 2 years in this huge project and now we have finally finished it!
Ederon: Elder Gods is my biggest project so far. We thought about everything. Campaign, tournaments, clans.. everything you can imagine is now here. We will also soon be updating this version if the "conquest mode", another huge part of the single player options. Stay tuned!

You asked for it, now here it is!
Ederon: Phoenix Rising has been released on NG. As usual, the other versions are now locked down, but if you can still use your account on the new version. We will soon be updating the original Ederon Online TCG submission so it doesn't get blamed!

Lag problems fixed

2008-06-04 03:12:50 by mistermind

Problems fixed!
You may now enjoy our game to the fullest until we release a new expansion! stay tunned!

Lag issues on Ederon

2008-05-31 13:33:10 by mistermind

We're aware of the horrible lags our server is having right now, but don't worry, we are working as fast as we can to solve this issue.